Tenets & Rules of Kyuki-do

Rules of the School

  • Students must bow to the flag, Sah-Bum-Nim, and other black belt instructors.
  • Students must address instructors as Sir or Ma’am when speaking.
  • Students must respect and obey instructors.
  • Speaking during class is not permitted unless responding to instructors.
  • Swearing, smoking, and drinking liquor is prohibited.
  • Students must attend class regularly for their own good.
  • Students must help keep the Do-Jang clean.

Kyuki-do Student Pledge

  1. I shall respect my instructors and all senior ranks.
  2. I shall conduct myself in a respectful manner.
  3. I shall respect the teachings of Kyuki-do and never misuse them.
  4. I shall always respect the rights of others.
  5. I shall strive for peace and comradery in the world.

Korean Counting

Hana: one
Dul: two
Set: three
Net: four
Da-Sut: five
Yo-Sut: six
Il-gulp: seven
Yo-Dul: eight
Ah-hop: nine
Yul: ten

Tenets of Kyuki-do

Courtesy: Treating people with the respect they deserve.

Humility: Recognizing that no matter how great your accomplishments may be that they do not make you better than anyone else.

Integrity: Knowing the difference between right and wrong and always choosing what is right.

Perseverance: Continuing even in the face of adversity

Self-control: Exercising restraint over yourself and being in command of your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Indomitable Spirit: The spark that gives you the power to persevere and having faith in what you do and knowing that your training is a worthwhile journey to the end, and that eventually your success and accomplishments will be realized.

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