Here is a list of the kicks that we practice here in our Do Jang and encourage our students to keep practicing outside of it as well. For a more complete list of kicks that we teach, visit our new Do Jang in Granbury, Texas.


Standing Kicks

  • Front stretch kick                     Ahp Chaolliki                 (ahp-chow-liggy)

  • Side kick                                 Yop Chagi                      (yop-chagi)

  • Back kick                                 Dwi Chagi                     (dwe`-chagi)

  • Front snap kick                        Ahp Chagi                     (ahp-chagi)

  • Inside out crescent kick           Ahp Yok Tollyo Chagi    (ahp-ya`k-tollya-chagi)

  • Outside in crescent kick          Ahp Tollyo Chagi           (ahp- tollya-chagi)

  • Round house kick                   Tollyo Chagi                   (tollya-chagi)

  • Hook kick                                Yok Tollyo Chagi            (Same as an outside in kick)

  • Axe kick                                  Ahp Tollyo Chagi            (ahp-tollya-chagi)

  • Back swing kick                      Dwi Tollyo Chagi             (dwe`-tollya-chagi)



Jumping kicks

  • Jump front snap kick              Dwi-myo Ahp Chagi         (dwi-mo-ahp-chagi)

  • Jump side kick                       Dwi-myo Yop Chagi          (dwi-mo-yop-chagi)

  • Jump roundhouse kick           Dwi-myo Tollyo Chagi       (dwi-mo-tollya-chagi)

  • Tornado kick                          T’ae Poong Chagi             (chung-dun-benga-chagi)


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