Greetings & Formalities


Definition of Tae kwon Do

The way of the hand and foot.

Tae Kwon Do is a Martial Art that isn’t just about kicking and punching but a way of living and thinking. The main goal is to achieve complete control over your mind and body through training.


Common Words

  • Bow: Kyung-Niet (coon-nay)

  • Attention: Cha-Ryot (chat-e`-yot)

  • Bow to the flags: kukiyeh daehaiyo kyung-nyeh (Kuki-tea-high-yo-coon-nay)

  • Ready: Jhoon-Bee (june-be)

  • Stop: Ko-Mahn

  • Begin: Shi-Jak (she-jack)

  • Return, rest: Paro (pa`-row)

  • Uniform: Do-buk (do`-bok)

  • Belt: Dee (dee)

  • Training hall: Do-Jang (do`-jong)

  • Flag: Kuki (kuki)

  • Instructor: Sah-Bum-Nim (Saw-bun-nim)

Greetings & Formalities

  • How are you: Kam-sa-ham-ni Da

  • You’re welcome: Chon-man-e-yo

  • Hello: Yo-bo-se-yo

  • Good bye: An-nyong-hi Ka-ship-sio

  • Good morning/good afternoon/good evening: An-nyong Ha-shim-ni-ka

  • Congratulations: Chook-ha-ham-ni Da


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